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When technology and tradition come together, it creates a revolution. With the same principle we bring you Upstars ,Live Astrology Platform. Upstars aspires to become No.1 Live astrology services platform for customers as well as for its services partners.

We also see a huge gap in quality currently in astrotech space and we vision to fill that gap by having on board the best in industry astrologers, gemstones providers, Puja performing priests and right technology platform.

Our Services

Be concurrent and in sync. your time & your space

Live Event

Engage and Consult people live, you own the stage. Go live and deliver.

Talk to Astrologer

Receive direct phone calls of customers via IVR. Domestic as well international.

Video With Astrologer

One to one video call based consultation. superb video quality promised.

Chat with Astrologer

Help customers by taking chat consultation. 100% encrypted and safe.

Ask a Question

Reply to a specific question. To the best of your knowledge.

Astro Reports

Provide detailed reports like life,health, marriage, career and others.

Learn Astrology

Teach upcoming astrologers through our whiteboard based elearning platform

Astro Puja

Onground and online puja platform. Pujas performed at various temples across the nation.

Astro Mall

Sell Ratnas, kavach, gemstones, yantra, healing oils etc. Only certified and genuine products only.

Benefits for Partners

There are many benefits to work with us :

  • Join for free, No registration charges.
  • Bi-Weekly settlements, full transparency
  • International audience and reach
  • No exclusivity clause. Work on any platform
  • 19*7 in person support
  • Yearly astrology mahakumbh akhara. exclusive to platform

Process of Association

Process of registration is very quick and simple. kindly refer below


Step 1

Click signup and select your role. submit a very simple registration form.


Step 2

We will review your application and approve it


Step 3

A small one day training will be provided online by our expert trainer.


Step 4

Start using the platform, give your best advice on chat, audio, video and live consultations.

Partner Registration

Please select the category you wish to register with us and provide accurate information. At Upstars, all astrologers and the support staff work together as a family.


In a nutshell, Astrology is any of numerous ritual, religious, and divinatory practices that claim to discern information about human affairs and terrestrial events by observing the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies.

Modern Western astrology is often associated with horoscopes that claim to explain aspects of a person's character and predict significant events in their lives based on the positions of celestial objects; the vast majority of professional astrologers rely on such systems.

Simple & Beautiful Interface

Intuitive, Top-Notch easy to use mobile application

Have questions? Look here

we have curated a list of most frequently asked questions

We take approx 4-7 days to review your application. post that we get in touch over call and complete the rest of the registration process. profiles which are not accepted are respectably mailed back.

You have an option to only activate consultation types which you are comfortable with. If you do not wish to provide consultation for a certain type(audio/video/chat/live) you are entitled to not do so.

We have a customer support tech team to handle all your queries.

On ground pujas are done with the help of a priest app. a priest would just require to accept the start puja request and then keep his/her smart phone a right distance so that it can cover the entire ceremony.

You will be placed an order from time to time on a weekly/ monthly basis. This order ticket size would vary from time to time. You are required to dispatch the order to our registered inventory stockist address. Settlement of funds will be initiated either in advance or on receipt of the item.

We oblige to all the taxable rates set by the government. We do deduct TDS on all the commissions earned.

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A very professional and dedicated team working behind the scenes. lots of bookings and astro reports consultation requests. good luck team Upstars.

Santosh kumar
New Delhi

Upstars has given an unprecedented reach to live audiences via the live astrology section. I usually come live for an hour and help lots of people achieve their goals. The feature of live chat is equally good. Lots of times I take up free questions from there too.

Amithab B
New Delhi

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